Christopher Plock does it all. A celebrated saxophonist (sometimes even playing two at a time), Chris’ additional proficiency with clarinet, flute, percussion and guitar has placed his skills in high demand by some of Canada’s leading music acts: Ron Hawkins and the late Jeff Healey have featured Chris in live gigs and recordings, while his work on the K-OS CD Joyful Rebellion netted him two Juno Awards. Canada’s Sweetheart of Swing, Alex Pangman, has showcased Chris’ horn playing in several performances, while JAZZFM.91 radio personality Jaymz Bee is a long time fan and collaborator.

Treehouse’s popular children’s TV program Max and Ruby features Chris’ sax playing, along with a bouncy vocal duet with Canadian Jazz Diva Molly Johnson, and Chris even taught Monk star Tony Shalub how to play clarinet for an episode featuring country legend Willie Nelson.

In 2002, Chris released a solo album that brought both his playing and his singing to centre stage. My Romance, a collection of 10 beloved Jazz standards, featured the voice of a true crooner. Chris’ silky tenor, heard previously on Healey’s song Dark Town Strutter’s Ball, soared over classics like Mean To Me, Bye Bye Blackbird and Since I Fell For You. The album’s rendition of Horace Silver’s Peace enjoyed heavy airplay on Toronto’s JAZZFM.91 radio station, and helped redefine Chris as top-notch vocalist.

But it’s live performance that is this artist’s first love. Having played with such diverse acts, Chris draws on a massive repertoire of Jazz, Blues, Funk, R&B and Pop as fuel for his high-octane show; the most sedate of audiences often surprise themselves on the dance floor, inspired by the performer’s energy and passion for the music he plays.

Not surprisingly, this has made Chris a sought-after performer at Toronto venues like Top of The Senator, The Montreal Bistro, The Rex and The Palais Royale. Two recent highlights were being selected as featured vocalist for Harry Belafonte’s attendance at 2007’s Christian - Jewish Federation Fundraiser at Toronto’s Royal York, and taking centre stage at the Dusty Cole memorial in January 2008 at the Winter Garden Theatre.

It’s a busy schedule for the recent father of twin boys, who also juggles teaching music at a Montessori School with gourmet cooking and the occasional game of hockey.

Selected Recordings:Jeff Healey Among Friends (2002), Adventures In Jazzland (2004), It’s Tight Like That (2006), K-os Joyful Rebellion (2004), Atlantis: Hymns For Disco (2006), Ron Hawkins The Secret Of My Excess (1996), Chemical Sounds (2007), The Lowest Of The Low Sordid Fiction (2004), Shobha Lee Work In Progress (2007), Barbara Lynch Take It A Day At A Time (1996), Jaymz Bee’s Royal Jelly Orchestra Seriously Happy (2005), Serafin LaRiviere 2AM At The Torch Café (2005), Nothing Goes Quietly (2008). Glenn Anderson Swingin’ The Blues (2003)

“Christopher Plock is a talented multi-instrumentalist, a seasoned pro and easily one of the best male jazz vocalists this country has ever produced!”- Jaymz Bee JAZZ.FM91